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vboxWebAdmin | blog created

The discussion whether or not VirtualBox needs a webtechnology based management interface to be run on headless infrastructures has been cooking for quite some time now...

This blog is meant as a technote and a countdown to the release of vboxWebAdmin somwhere in late Q1 of 2009. But even though there is quite a long road ahead of us until we can cast out a first version for public testing ... it's never too early to brag about a fancy project! ;-)

Goals: vboxWebAdmin aims to become a solution for the operation of headless, Sun VirtualBox based infrastructures. It utilizes the webservice/soap interface to connect to the VirtualBox API and is planned to be a multi-server / multi-user / multi-vbox hostmaster application.

Well, enough said for the moment, here are the first two screenshots of the system:

01. Guess what -???
A login screen! Tadaaaaa!!!! :-) and this is not the end! Number two (below) shows the (partially actually) already opera-tional main application canvas. We are showing of three obtained references to virtual machines (which can actually be run on a remote server which is just spawning the vbox webservice as a connection point).

So the secret masterplan is to set up one vboxWebAdmin host and then to control multiple VirtualBox accounts on multiple servers from one central management hub. Oh darn! ---

I revealed the big secret!

So stay tuned for more information to be released soon or just to read about our raging hate for the somewhat inconsistent and yet still very buggy soap-api that we are doomed to interact with... If you happen to be a somewhat experienced software developer with expertise in php5/soap/client/server/ajax/appserver/java/whatever and are now eager or crazy enough to join the team, feel free to drop us a note at vboxWebAdmin [at] gmail.com.


[Update] Since we have not yet been able to figure out a way to successfully integrate the "properJavaRDP" applet component and you do happen to have a *working* html-container for that piece of &%$§!" [<= that's german for "GOLD" ;-) ], pleeeeeease contact us immediately!

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

Cheers! -- Those guys from vboxWebAdmin! :-)

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